January 2017
Celebrating Wendy’s Five Star Award!

Issaquah, January 10 2017– Five Star Professional has named Wendy Mariani, MLO-112530, Senior Mortgage Advisor at Absolute Mortgage, a division of Finance of America Mortgage, a 4 year recipient of the 2016 Five Star Mortgage Professional award. The award winners appear in a special section in the January 2017 issue of Seattle Magazine. Wendy was selected by research Five Star Professional conducted in the Seattle area.

October 2016
Credit Score concept with young woman on blue background

Recent tallies show a third of U.S. credit scores fall below 649. While not impossible, acquiring a mortgage loan will likely be more difficult and more expensive at this level than with higher scores. Here are the fundamentals to guide you in establishing and maintaining a healthy and legitimate score. The somewhat obvious: Borrow only what you can afford to repay. Make all of your

Great neighborhood. Homes in a suburb at Fall in the north America

Normally when Fall hits, the home buying season starts to slow down as families have either moved into new homes or have decided to stay put before the new school year begins. With a large portion of the home buying market staying put for the new school year, other potential home buyers are left with less competition and more room to negotiate with sellers. In

September 2016
Things to Know Before Buying a Home

We all know the old line about location. But buying a home takes research, research, research, too. You will want to determine: How much you can comfortably afford. The pre-approval process, which entails full documentation and credit check, is the best way to determine the numbers that are right for you. Early in your search, you can identify any potential hurdles and focus only on

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By Phil Mazzaferro  | 9/12/16 Mortgage interest rates have been hovering near historical lows since the end of June.  The low interest rates have been largely responsible for the house affordability index to remain close to all-time highs.  Meaning; although we have seen a jump in housing prices the low interest rates keep the payments low despite higher housing prices.  As the economy has treaded water

All Sun and Smiles as Absolute Mortgage Issaquah Sponsors Brighton Jones’ 1st Annual Golf Tournament

On Monday August 29th, Brighton Jones hosted their 1st Annual Client Appreciation Golf Tournament. It was a warm, sunny Monday morning when Phil Mazzaferro, Branch Manager/Senior Mortgage Advisor and Araina Muraki, Marketing Coordinator from Absolute Issaquah arrived at Sand Point Country Club in Seattle, WA. Absolute Mortgage in Issaquah was one of many proud sponsors at Brighton Jones 1st Golf Tournament. Upon arriving, the clients

August 2016
Piggy Bank Savings Currency Charity and Relief Work Finance Investment Coin
** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes

If you’re saving for a home while prices are rising, why not let the market help you? It’s great to save up for a large down payment of 20% or more. Yet, when prices are on the rise, saving quickly enough to keep pace can be extremely difficult. In times such as these, why not let the market build equity for you instead? Owning a

Woman Mobile Phone Connection Waiting City Technology Concept

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, and Short Sales The facts about how long buyers must wait before obtaining financing “How long do I have to wait to purchase a home when I’ve had a recent short sale?” This is a typical question a real estate agent may receive when their buyer has had a recent bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale in the past. As you may already know,

Credit Score Financial payment Rating Budget Money Concept

As you might expect, payment history is the most influential component in your credit score, followed closely by the amounts you owe. To lesser degrees, the length of time you’ve utilized credit, the number of new accounts or inquiries you have, and the various types of credit accounts you hold also impact your score. Overall reporting also looks at how these factors relate to each

3 Ways Absolute Mortgage in Issaquah, WA can help real estate agents with their next open house

Before Before your open, send us your listing to share on our social media sites for more followers to see. According to the National Association of Realtors, 92% of buyers use the internet in some way to search for a home. More eyes on your listing equal more potential home buyers! During During your open house, put out some co-branded financing flyers. We will put

August 2016

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