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What are the benefits of home ownership?

  • Being a homeowner can have many perks from tax benefits, building equity, flexibility with décor and not to mention fulfillment and pride! Check out our Rent vs. Buy article to learn more.

What is the difference between pre-qualifying and pre-approval?

  • A prequalification is the first step you take in the mortgage process. During a prequalification, your mortgage advisor will want to know a general overview of your income, assets and debt. With the information in mind the Mortgage Advisor can give you a pre-qualification letter if they believe you would be able to purchase a home based off of the general information they know from you.
  • A preapproval letter is the next step in the process and is usually a detailed look at your financial background. During a preapproval, you will have to provide documentation of your income and assets which will help give the mortgage advisor a better idea of exactly how much you qualify for and what your interest rate would look like. Read more about pre-qualification here.

What items do I need to provide for a pre-qualification?

  • Recent paycheck stubs
  • Last two years tax returns
  • Bank and brokerage statements

What kind of loan programs do you offer?

  • We offer many programs from you standard convention loan, FHA, VA, USDA to some specialty loans program for first time homebuyers as well as a whole series of JUMBO loan products for larger loan amounts. To learn about some of our basic loan programs, visit our Loan Programs page. Click here to request a quote or contact a mortgage advisor today learn about our other loan products.

What does that financing process look like for a home purchase?

  • The home loan process can seem confusing and overwhelming to a first time home buyer. Check out our Home Loan Process Flow Chart that displays the 12 main events during the home purchase process.

How long do I have to wait to purchase a home if I’ve had a recent short sale, bankruptcy or foreclosure?

  • Wait times can vary depending on the circumstance and loan program. Check out this chart to reference wait times based on your situation. Contact one of our mortgage advisors for more advice if needed.